The Popp Over America – Pilot Episode – New Jersey

About Popp Over America:
Inspired by the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, NYC musician and motorcyclist Joe Popp will be doing a non-stop tour of the  48 contiguous United States as a singer-songwriter on a motorcycle. Armed with GoPro cameras, a Zoom digital audio recorder, and an assortment of microphones, Joe will capture the essence of America. He will conduct interviews, tour businesses, and visit places of interest, providing viewers with a unique glimpse of the people that make up the USA . Popp will also be performing traditional and non-traditional concerts, and writing and recording site-specific music as he travels. It’s going to be a long fun ride!

Watch Popp Over America:
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Schedule of Popp Over America:
The tour begins May 15th and ends August 24th, 2017. I will be live streaming on Facebook while I travel. Episodes will be edited and posted after the completion of the tour on the YouTube channel. Click here for the tour schedule.

Participate in Popp Over America:
If you are interested in participating in the show by providing the following:  lodging, a venue for a concert, a place of interest, or producing the show, click here to contact Joe Popp.